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The Roscommon Giant's Story


This web site is dedicated to both The Roscommon Giant and his son Seamus Coffey, whose dream it was to write a book about his Father's life and boxing career.

Seamus Coffey completed his work, but sadly passed away on the 4th December 2008, aged 80, before seeing a final published version of his work.

He will be greatly missed.

This web site is simply a digital version of his book, making it available on line. All text, other than this dedication, was written by Seamus Coffey, son of The Roscommon Giant.


James's daughter Mary (granddaughter of the Roscommon Giant) carried out a lot of research, even spending part of her vacation time in New York investigating The Roscommon Giant's old haunts, and making contact with the helpful Fred Brunner & Michael Coffey mentioned below.

It is also thanks to Mary's approval and encouragement that this web site was developed & completed.

Special thanks to Mike Barrett, and to Michael Coffey of Virginia, & Fred Brunner of New York for their help in finding boxing records and photographs, and for spending their own free time in helping this project.

Special thanks also to Mary Coffey of Tully for her help in uncovering family history.

Tracy Callis of the Cyber Boxing Zone web site was invaluable in providing a comprehensive list of Jim Coffey's fights, and thanks should also be given to 'The Ring' magazine which went to the trouble of snail-mailing some articles for inclusion in the Roscommon Giant's story.

A Note On Copyright Permissions

Many New York Times articles have been included on this web site with the acknowledgement of New York Times's representative, PARS International Corp., who confirmed that the articles are in the Public Domain, and are therefore free to be downloaded from the New York Times archives, and also free to be re-used in any way.

Every effort has been made to ensure that all articles and/or photographs included on this site are likewise in the Public Domain, or otherwise free to be used under other shared licensing agreements such as Creative Commons. e.g. many of the photos have been sourced from Wikipedia who provide provenance and copyright details.

In certain cases where the original provenance of an item was unknown, permission has been sought from the current publisher of the item. e.g. thank you to Box Rec for individual permissions to reproduce certain photos sourced from their own web site.

Mistakes do happen however, so bearing in mind that this is a non-commercial web site, please inform me if you see any included material that you believe should be removed, or for which you believe specific credit should be given, or explicit permissions stated :

This web site is published under the following license :
Creative Commons License
This work is licenced under a Creative Commons Licence
If using contents authored by Seamus Coffey, then please remember to either credit him, or provide a link back to this web site.


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