Coffey Vs. Jack “Twin” Sullivan 1915-02-18

Appendix Sixteen

Jim scored a good one for a starter in 1915 when he knocked out Jack (Twin) Sullivan in six rounds at the Fairmont Athletic Club New York City on February 18th. Younger by thirteen years and heavier by thirty pounds, Jim had little trouble. The end came when Coffey had floored his opponent for the count of six. Jack was helpless when he gathered himself together and regained his footing. Seeing his condition, the kind-hearted Coffey hesitated to strike again and Sullivan wisely cried "enough". Bob Armstrong, that old-timer who boxed with many champions, and, to speak in the vernacular, "knew his oats", said to the writer "This Irishman is the hardest hitter I ever drilled for a battle. He is fast and a hard worker, an awful puncher, even in a training bout, and an all-around tough egg, believe me!"

ConveyanceJim Coffey buys "Glebelands"