Appendix Six

The Coffey Genealogy from the 1850s to the 1901 Census in the TULLY TOWNLAND

From the Griffiths search records the following can be established :

The Tully Townland, including most of the lakes, was owned by the Reverend Lord John de Freyne.

He leased 118 acres of this land to a John Duffey who, in turn, sub-let to a number of tenants. One of these, John Coffey, rented approximately 37 acres of land as in Appendix 5. As the date of the valuation is around 1852 the John Coffey referred to must be the father of John Coffey (aged 50) shown in the 1901 census and consequently the grandfather of Jim Coffey, then outlined in the Census as ages 11 years.

So Jim Coffey's grandfather came through the famine years, as outlined in the text.